What is a P-Value Anyway?: 34 Stories to Help You Actually Understand Statistics (Andrew Vickers)

What is a P-Value Anyway? 34 Stories To Help You Actually Understand Statistics (Andrew Vickers)

It's hard to imagine describing a book on p-values as "fun", but this little book comes as close as you could reasonably expect.

Vickers introduces fundamental principles of statistics by presenting the essential concepts in thirty-four brief, enjoyable stories.

The math is minimal, his goal is conceptual understanding that can help readers interpret the statistics they read every day.

Includes sections on describing data; data distributions; variation of study results: confidence intervals; hypothesis testing; regression and decision making; and common statistical errors.

This is a really great book for anyone struggling to understand statistical concepts, and anyone in a position of having to teach basic statistics to students.

This includes instructors who teach critical thinking and want to include sections on probability and statistic, and philosophers of science who write and teach on the subject of scientific methodology.