A Critical Thinking Library

A Selection of Books Accumulated Over 20 Years Teaching Critical Thinking, Philosophy and Science

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I get a lot of requests from people for book recommendations on various topics. It's hard for me to select just a few. I know that people who are attracted to the content here at the Critical Thinker Academy will find something of interest on my shelves, but it's hard to prejudge what that will be.

So what I've done on this course page is to organize some of my books into categories, with a cover picture and a link to Amazon for each one, with a couple of sentences from me about what I think of the book.

I'd like to see everyone start to build a critical thinking library of books and other resources that can help you accelerate your learning about the different dimensions of critical thinking.

(FYI, those are Amazon affiliate links, so I get a few pennies on the purchase of a book through the link. That's another way you can help to support the Critical Thinker Academy, by purchasing books through these links.)


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