A Great Scrivener Training Course I Bought Myself

It's easy to get started with Scrivener but it has a lot more features than you might imagine at the outset, and getting into those can complicate the learning curve.

For example, I was interested in learning how to use Scrivener for academic writing, for blogging and for creating ebooks out of Scrivener documents. But I wasn't interested in slogging through the documentation and learning through trial-and-error.

So I decided to fast-track my introduction to Scrivener by signing up for a video training course that covered all these features and more.

I learned a ton of tips and tricks that have improved my productivity and sped up my workflow, and I don't hesitate to recommend this course by Joseph Michael.

It's not the cheapest course you can get (the version I bought was $197, but there is a cheaper "student" version), but it's packed with great resources, especially if you're someone for whom writing is an important part of your daily routine or your career.

Here's a brief introduction to the course.

If you're interested, clicking on the image below will take you to a page where you can learn more about the course. (And yes, I do earn a commission for sales of the course if you eventually purchase it through this link.)

Learn Scrivener Fast