Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why It's Important

Learn why critical thinking skills are important and why they can be so difficult to obtain.

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NOTE: You can enroll in this course for free, but it is also included in the site-wide bundle which unlocks every course in the Academy.


What Will I Learn in This Course?

In this course you'll learn:

  • why critical thinking skills are so valuable in personal life and in business, and yet are so rare.
  • about the various skills and aptitudes that distinguish good critical thinkers - what I call the Five Pillars of Critical Thinking
  • about cognitive biases, human (ir)rationality, and the psychology of belief and judgment, and why this is so important for critical thinking
  • a new perspective on the nature of science and scientific reasoning
  • a broader framework that will help you decide where to go with your critical thinking education and what to study next!

What Do I Get With This Course?

At the Critical Thinker Academy we believe in giving students a range of options for consuming content (audio, video and text).

When you enroll in this course you get

  • 12 video lectures, totaling 2 hours and 41 minutes of viewing time
  • Full transcripts for each of the lectures, embedded below the videos
  • Discussion comments for each of the lectures, allowing you to ask and respond to questions and comments
  • 3 pdf ebooks totaling 88 pages, suitable for printing or viewing online.

Thus, with this course a student has the option to

  • watch the video version of each lecture
  • listen to the audio from each lecture while reading the text transcript
  • download a pdf ebook and read the content on their iPad or tablet device
  • print out the pdf and create a hardcopy manual for personal use


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