Special Topics: Conspiracies, God, the Big Bang and More

Join the discussion on some of the popular topics from the Critical Thinker podcast.

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While I was producing the Critical Thinker Podcast I did a few episodes that where very popular but that can only be described as "special topics" -- critical thinking about conspiracy theories, God and the Big Bang, etc.

In this course I've collected a few of these and made them available here.

What Will I Learn in This Course?

In this course you'll learn:

  • about the relationship between critical thinking and conspiracy theorizing
  • an argument for default skepticism about global conspiracies
  • the history of some real conspiracies (COINTELPRO and MK-ULTRA)
  • an introduction to Karl Popper's "falsifiability" criterion for scientific statements, and how this applies to conspiracy claims
  • the Kalam argument for the existence of God
  • the philosophy of causation, time and Big Bang cosmology
  • five reasons why majoring in philosophy in college is a good idea
  • an introduction to fallacies, and an illustration based on a viewer question

What Do I Get With This Course?

When you enroll in this course you get

  • 5 video lectures, totaling 2 hours of viewing time
  • Full transcripts for each of the lectures, embedded below the videos
  • Discussion comments for each of the lectures, allowing you to ask and respond to questions and comments
  • 4 pdf ebooks totaling 66 pages, suitable for printing or viewing on a desktop computer or tablet device

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