The Critical Thinker Academy offers a variety of video courses for a small one-time fee: $9 per course. You can also purchase access to all the courses on the site for a single one-time fee, $99, which offers a 25% savings on the cost of purchasing all the courses separately.

I run another site, the Argument Ninja Dojo, where I offer access to all these same courses as a monthly subscription, for $3.95/month.

The Argument Ninja Dojo is intended as a membership/community site and it has subscription tiers that offer more than the video library. It includes content from my Argument Ninja podcast, and other sources.

If you're interested in really developing your critical thinking and communication skills, please consider this option!

You can check out the Argument Ninja Dojo site HERE.

There are introductory videos that will orient you.

Below is a video that I did for my Dojo members that gives an inside look at the current state of the Argument Ninja Dojo, and the additional content that I'm planning to develop for that site.