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A Podcast Dedicated to the Art, Science and Ethics of Rational Persuasion

The Become an Argument Ninja podcast is my latest project, and I hope to grow it into something really special.

The best way to understand what I’m trying to do with this site is to listen to the first couple of podcasts.

But the short version is that I’m trying to develop a new, innovative training program for critical thinking, and I’m using the podcast as a platform for working out the foundations of this program.

With this program I’m trying to integrate several distinct disciplinary perspectives on argumentation and persuasion — logic, rhetoric, and psychology.

On this show I'm pushing an analogy with martial arts training pretty hard.

The podcast has its own website URL:

At this url you can see show notes for each episode, but I'm going to collect the episodes as lectures on this course page as well, including full transcripts of each episode, so you can leave comments here or on the Argument Ninja site.

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